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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Knowledge

In General

Instagram algorithm refers to the criteria by which Instagram assesses the engagement on each account. If Instagram discovers that you have a high engagement and that you meet its criteria, it will send the posts to other users' feeds, encouraging them to view, like, and comment.

Instagram hashtags are words or phrases that are trending on the platform. Using them on your posts can make it easy for Instagram to find your page. As a result, people can give your posts likes and views. They can become your followers, talk about your account, and enhance engagement.

Buy Instagram auto likes and watch the likes on your account grow as well as the number of posts you like as.

In Instagram, engagement refers to the number of likes, views, and comments on your post. Very low engagement can make it hard for you to gain social media popularity.

If you aspire to become an influencer, you must aim for more engagements in your account. This is why it is important to buy automatic Instagram likes. It helps increase engagement without you exerting much effort.

Once you have paid for auto likes, we help you make likes views and relevant comments to content relevant to yours. You can expect the recipients of your likes to do the same, increasing the likes, views, and comments on your Instagram posts.

You can get high engagement if you get comments that are t least 10 percent of the likes. If you garnered 200 likes, getting 20 relevant comments could be described as high engagement.

Both private and public Instagram accounts will benefit from a boost from us. Yet, private accounts will have limited exposure while public ones can be seen by everyone using the platform. Apparently, creating a public IG account will help you succeed in your online business endeavors.

We work on boosting the online attention on your Instagram the moment we get your order. We aim for likes and other IG engagement from real consumers. Your posts must encourage your followers to comment or react to them. When your active followers increases through the exposure we make, you can see positive results after a few days and track the improvement.

You should know that the right time to post is when many Instagram users are online. Even if you bought your Instagram views, knowing the best time to show the world your amazing content can make you an internet celebrity.

Some Instagram users prefer to be online in the morning, mostly between 8 to 9, or in the evening, at the same time. You can plan ahead of the posting of your content so that it can be done even if you are at work.

The people who viewed your story will be visible to you for up to 48 hours. You need to open your story and swipe the screen. The username of those who watched your video and their number will appear. Just open your story and swipe the screen.