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buy Instagram comments

Buy Instagram Comments

People seeking Instagram popularity buy IG comments. Comments weigh more than likes or views because they require effort. You do not just tap the video or photo buy you have to say something, which requires you to think. Comments must be relevant to the content you are talking about. Buying IG comments is important if your account still has very few of them. An account with many likes and comments will bring you the kind of online presence that will qualify you as an influencer or endorser. You get paid for every product or business that you promote in your Instagram.

Wow! Why would you want to buy Instagram comments?

It’s no wonder why everybody wants to buy Instagram comments. It would ridiculous not to want to! Comments for Instagram have a great effect - it raises brand and Instagram page recognition efficiently and fast, boosts your profits in the long run, creates social media engagement and ultimately makes you and your brand famous. Not to mention, you get immense satisfaction because of a well-done job – so it covers all the reasons why you were on Instagram in the first place. More importantly, having more comments rockets your page to Instagram stardom – something that Poprey has perfected as a service of buying Instagram comments!

buy real Instagram comments

Why Buy Instagram Comments from Us

Some Instagram users are hesitant to buy Instagram comments because Instagram might not like it. Yet, with several websites selling IG comments now, buying high quality ones will push your account up and bring you lots of benefits.

Building your name on the internet is a long and difficult process. If you have a shorter way to achieve your goal and have social proof, why not buy high-quality ones from a website like ours? We will never put your reputation at stake. You will get comments of the highest quality from us. How? Our website makes sure that you get real comments from real people. They have a high engagement so they are sure to make you get noticed. Here are some features of the comments that you can receive from us:

Right? Let’s face it.

Getting people to comment on your page is hard work – why not make it automatic? Time is money and, ultimately, it is a luxury in very short supply. Our team at Poprey fully understands that. Sure, you could go and attend numerous social media marketing courses created by Instagram gurus to give have the necessary tools and knowledge to understand how the new Instagram algorithm works. But in fact, this overcomplicated scenario is actually why you are here —not to spend more time and money that you might not have. You are here to buy Instagram comments and in the end, it all boils down to complete ease and simplicity.

Get some Instagram love

We get rid of comments from bots before we sell our packages. Instagram hates bots and so do we. The comments we sell come from real people and have high engagement. They can be useful in gaining more likes and followers because these comments talk sense. They are relevant to content being commented.

We use SSL or Secure Sockets Layer for your orders and payment. No one can assess these data aside from you. We always keep our clients’ personal information and we do not reveal the names of our buyers.

The sales process takes a very short time and there is no possibility of others knowing about it. This is how we get more return customers. They know that they are always safe with us.

The comments you buy from us come from accounts that has the best reputation. All comments are of premium quality. You will recognize one because they gain a blue tick from Instagram. Because of their high quality, they usually attract other users to engage.

When people start talking about your content, others will notice you, contribute to the conversation, and make you more popular online.

We offer several options to our customers. You can choose between premium or high-quality comments. Premium comments cost more but we guarantee that they bring better results. But, if you are on a budget, you may prefer our high quality comments, which cost less.

You can buy the number of comments that you want, from 10 to 500 comments. You can decide to have all comments at once appear on your Instagram or in a gradual manner.

There are packages that will suit your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are questions that we have not covered, you can ask out specialist and get answers fast.

1. Are the comments relevant to the content?

We only choose comments that are related to the photo or video that is supposed to be commented on. They tackle trending issues. These comments can draw many onlookers who will eventually join the conversation and encourage engagement.

2. How fast and simple is it to but Instagram comments?

There is nothing complicated on the process of buying Instagram comments. You can visit our website, choose the package you want, and place an order. It is hassle-free and the comments you paid for are delivered instantly.

3. Must the comments relate to the post or video?

All comments must be related to the videos commented on. No matter how many comments were made if they are off the video or image at hand, they will be useless. Instagram has its rules and it always sticks to it.

Gibberish comments, rude remarks, statements that are out of topic will not contribute to your standing in social media.

4. Is there no issue in buying Instagram comments from your website?

Safety and security are our topmost concerns and buying Instagram comments from us should not be an issue. We do not divulge your details and our SSL prevents any third party from bothering our clients.

5. Do you have a good support team?

Our expert support team is always ready to help you any time of day or night. This means that you can buy comments wherever you are anytime. If you are ordering Instagram comments for the first time, feel free to seek help from our support team. They are always ready and capable to help you.

6. Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. Clients who do not receive their orders will immediately get a refund. We do not want you to lose your investment. This is alo one reason why our clients trust us and always place a repeat order.

7. How will I know that my order is on the way?

As soon as you have placed your order, you will be informed if the order has been completed. You can then start to monitor your Instagram account so that you will see if there is an increase in the comments in your account. We want you to get the comments that you ordered at the soonest time possible.

8. Is it possible to buy comments for several posts?

Yes, it is possible as long as you specify this in your order. You also have to buy a plan with a big number of comments if you want to buy from us. Providing comments for multiple posts can make the engagement go up in a short time. People will turn their eyes on your account as they wonder how you achieved such popularity.

9. Is buying comments also a way to get more followers?

Usually, the comments that you buy can bring you more followers if you keep your posts current and interesting. So, it is up to you to exert more efforts and use creativity to make people interested in your Instagram posts. When you buy random comments, there are real people behind each. If you can capture their interest, they can turn into organic followers.

10. Will Instagram ban me for buying comments?

You only have to worry if you are using bots because Instagram is against it. But if you buy comments from us, we assure you that those comments come from real people. All the comments that buy from us relate to the post so you do not have to worry about getting banned.

How to Make People Give Comments

While getting like is quite easy, seeing comments on one’s page can be a challenge. Likes can be indicated by a double click. A comment has to be well-thought of and relevant.

So, how can you encourage followers and visitors to make comments? Here are some tips:

1. Post something that is appealing to the emotion.

People tend to react fast to an emotional post. Aside from the emojis, you can get written comments as well. Short rejoinders will serve you well. They are like tennis balls flying over the net back and forth

2. Rely to comments.

Do not be lazy. Spend time replying to comments no matter how short. It shows that you care about your followers’ or visitors’ comments, which makes them feel valued.

3. Post at the right time.

When you post something when everyone is asleep or busy, you cannot expect comments. Choose a time when people are awake and alert. You can expect them to make comments and reply to yours.

4. Never overlook a comment.

When a person makes comments, it means he expects a reply. Always pay back the favor. Replying to comments is one way of sustaining engagement. That person will be happy to interact on your page.

You will be amazed as the number of comments increase. Others who are on your page may add their own pitches or reactions, resulting in a continuous exchanges.

5. Request your audience to give you a like or make a comment.

Followers tend to listen to what you say. At the end of a video post, ask them to give you a like or to say something. Most of them will do as requested. Never miss a chance to highlight your call for action.

6. Feature a Q & A with giveaways to participants who give the correct answer.

People love to compete and win. A contest once a month will help in getting comments, replies, and reactions. Your audience will love the excitement and fun. Doing this once in a while will keep them from getting bored. They will have something to look forward to each month.

7. Ask them for suggestions on how to improve your content.

People want to be heard. Asking someone for suggestion will always elicit positive result. How about asking your audience how you can improve your content? This could lead to a lively discussion. You might receive myriad of suggestions that other might agree or disagree with. Each side will be defending his stand, either by using an emoji or a short written comment. All of these will be good for your online popularity and the brands or businesses that you are promoting.

8. Recognize best comment.

Making comments in an Instagram post requires effort. Why not reward it by pinning the comment? Other users will see the pinned comment and will be curious as to why it is the best. They will find time to read it or comment on it. Pinning best comments will also inspire your followers and other Instagram users. They will aspire for the same recognition by giving their best and wittiest rejoinder.

Either way, you get yourself a valuable source of organic and high-quality comments.

9. Hold contests with prizes

Contests always draw crowd. A few dollars for give prizes can bring many future returns. Give awards for the best video of the week, most liked photo of the week, or most-commented content. Make this a regular event.

Other Instagram users can become your followers and viewers as they join in the excitement and fun of these contests. People who want to earn a prize for the most commented post will invite their friends and acquaintances to give a comment and be counted.

10. Keep a good likes-comments ratio.

When you have many likes and too few comments, Instagram might be doubtful because of the discrepancy. If you bought your likes, this thing could happen. What is the ideal number of comments in relation to likes?

Each 100 likes should have 10 to 20 comments. So, how could you maintain this standard?

Buy Instagram comments from us and we make sure to have that ratio. Our social media experts can match comments with the posts liked by your followers. If a video garnered 100 likes, w will make sure to prorate 10 to 20 comments that are related to the posts to make them appear natural.

Buy Instagram comments from us and stop worrying about getting banned from Instagram. The comments you get from us are of the highest-quality. They are made by real people.

We do not deal with bots and would never use them to generate comments. When it comes to Instagram analytics, we always observe them because we value our clients. Our aim in selling high-quality comments is to make money. We want to help you make money from your social media accounts.

Buy Instgram comments from us. Withu s as your partner, nothing could go wrong. Let us walk hand-in-hand towards the fulfillment of our goals: a satisfied, happy, and successful social media entrepreneur.

No hassle! No stress! Just lots of comments from Instagram!

The process of buying Instagram comments is very simple. Firstly, take a look at our value-packed packages and deals and choose the one that fits your pocket and your goals. You have an option to buy random as well as custom Instagram comments – just pick one on the pop-up window. Then, confirm payment via our secure, encrypted payment gateway and we’ll take care of the rest!